Animation & Design Studio
to Unleash Your Brand.

Animation & Design
Studio to Unleash
Your Brand.

One small step in design, one giant leap for results.

One small step in design, one
giant leap for results.

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Focus on clarity.

Making a design that works for you


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Featured as best in ‘Motion Design’ and ‘After Effects’ curated galleries on Behance.


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Full cycle process. How does it work? 

The following steps can be changed – it depends on what you want to get.


Step 1 – Briefing

You can schedule a call or answer the questions online. In any case, our team will help you to get together all of your ideas. We want to understand your needs, so at this stage, we also ask for the works you like and what materials you have now…


Step 2 – Script

Want to introduce the product, but do not know how exactly? No problem. Our creative core will analyze all aspects of your brand as much as possible to come up with the script you need. Humor is included automatically. If you have a script already, let us move on.



Step 3 – Storyboard

With the script done, we start visualizing animation on the storyboard, so you will see sketches showing out what is going at in the video, its overall structure, timings, and transitions.


Step 4 -Illustrations

Now it is time to create a unique design for your video. After Storyboard is being approved, our designers and illustrators begin to bring images from the script to life by shaping the complete video look, and visual language specifically



Step 5 – Voice Over

At this point, we choose and record a voice actor, which will guide a viewer through your video.


Step 6 – Animation

Meet the true magic of static illustrations turning alive! Here we animate our designed images according to Voice Over timings. Then we show drafts to you in order to approve the tone of voice and general video dynamics.



Step 7 – Sound design

Most of the work is ready. It is time to make your story real by adding sound elements, background music, some SFX, and master it all into one perfect music track.


Step 8 – Finalizing

It is alive! Now your time to make final video approval. Feel free, but remember that you will have 3 editing comments. So make sure you are fully satisfied with everything on every stage.



Get a complete product by working with us

You are in a good place to be (:


We are an ambitious, working worldwide studio, specialized in Design and Animation.


Among our projects, you will find world-leading companies — such as SAP, Deloitte, IQ Association, Pfizer, Cutera, and many others. Our works are featured in ‘After Effects’ and ‘Motion Design’ Behance curated galleries.

As we truly love our work, we will find a way to make your video both impactful and effective.



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